Norton Power Eraser


Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you receiving annoying pop-ups that don’t seem to go away? Are you always being taken to another site when trying to access a page on your browser? If your answer to all these questions is “yes”, then your system may be infected by virus or malware. Other signs that your computer has been attacked by malicious programs are mails on your sent items that you did not send yourself, frequent restart or shut down of PC and security programs like antivirus and firewall being disabled. Norton for Mac Power Eraser can help remove the infection on your computer.

About Norton Power Eraser

This is a free tool from Symantec that you can download on their site. It deeply scans the computer for any virus and spyware, as well as rootkits that may have penetrated the system making it difficult for regular antivirus programs to detect them. Norton Power Eraser for Mac is not yet available. This program is only available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. However, since this is a powerful tool, it must be used with extra caution. This is because it may list legitimate files or programs as threats. If you accidentally deleted them, it may cause programs on your PC or the computer itself to stop running.

How to Use Norton Power Eraser

The best thing about this program is that it doesn’t cost anything. So if you think that your PC is infected, all you need is a working Internet connection and you can download and use the program to scan and eliminate threats on your system. The inconvenience and nuisance that these malicious programs can cause are aggravating so you do not want to experience them. Furthermore, they can put your account and credit card information at risk. So run a scan now and prevent all of these unwanted things from happening.

  1. Go to Symantec’s site and search for Norton for Mac Power Eraser to download.
  2. Click on the Download option and click Save.
  3. Choose the location where you want to save the file and click the Save option once more. It is best to save the file on your desktop so it will be easier to find it when you want to use it.
  4. Once download is complete, go to the downloaded file and double click NPE.exe to launch.
  5. Read on the license agreement and if you agree, click on Accept. The program will check for the latest updates. Wait for it to finish.
  6. To run a scan, click the Scan for Risks option on the Power Eraser window.
  7. There is an option to enable or disable rootkit scan. If this is enabled the program will scan not only for virus or spyware but for rootkits as well. Once done scanning for rootkits, you may be asked to restart your system. To make sure you are fully protected, it’s best to enable the option. However, if you prefer not to scan for rootkits, you may disable the option by clicking on Settings then unchecking “Include Rootkit Scan”.
  8. Once done with the scan, the result will be listed on the screen. If it displayed no risks were found, this means that your computer is safe. Click the OK button to exit the window.
  9. Files listed as Bad means that they are threats to the system. There will be a checkbox under the items, which is the option to remove the files. It is best to remove these items. Those that are listed as “unknown” can be malware or legitimate files. To determine if they are legitimate or not, click the cloud icon next to the items. This will send a report to Symantec, which in turn will check for the file on their virus database. The cloud will then show it as bad or not a known a threat. If it is says bad, then click on the box to remove the items. If not, uncheck the option.
  10. Do not forget to check the box for Create System Restore Point before proceeding with fix.
  11. Click Fix to remove the infected file. You may be asked to restart the computer, click Yes to do so.
  12. Once the tool is finished removing the threats, click the Done button.